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Norwegian Forest Cat


May I introduce myself. My name is Adriana Steegen, and I live in Bilzen,
a small town in the Belgian province Limburg.
Beside my job I am fond of cats. I enjoy breeding my own cats.
My favourite cat is the Norwegian Forest Cat.
In fact it is not only my favourite cat, but the cat of my life.
The ,,Norwegian'' is really a nature cat, big, sweet and beautiful.
In a word: a marvelous animal.


Cormeilles parisis ( France

14 februari 2010


I found my first Norwegian Forest Cat, called Noortje,
in 2001 in the German Eifel-region. It was love at first sight.
Later Noortje got company from Ushi and Zino, both of Belgian origin.
In the summer of 2004 I met our fourth Norwegian,
called Dagaschi, in Sweden.
After a trip of about 1.400 km he felt soon at home in Bilzen.

With my Norwegian Forest Cats I participate to the traditional TICA-shows. For the layman or ,,laywoman'' in the world of cats: TICA stands for Trans International Cat Association.

Norwegian Forest Cats are not only my favorite hobby, but really a passion.

If you have any question or if you want more information,
please contact me by phone or e-mail.

Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Adriana Steegen


Marleen De Winter

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